Importance of reputable cell phone spy app and how to use one in real life.

Parents are always curious regarding the activities of their colleagues but afraid of asking awkward questions. Cell phone spy is the best solution.

Necessity of monitoring apps

The main reason today of using various surveillance software is monitoring own children or colleagues. Other possible reasons for installing such apps are backing up information from phone or other devices, or tracking lost or stolen cell.

Phone spy tracking

Tracking software was created to collect information from target device and its transferring to a personal account. Apart from information stored at the device you will have an access to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line chats. This software that is easy to install, operate and also compatible with most popular devices as iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

How to start monitoring?

Lots of eager users are curious about how to start monitoring their loved ones to be sure they are safe. The answer is simple: firstly you have to sign up for personal online account. To do so you must indicate email and password.  After it is vital to download and install phone tracker from your online account. It is also important to select a device type Windows PC, Mac OS X computer or Android device.

Your personal account will be used as storage for gathered data from target devices. After completing this procedure you won’t be worried where your children spend their time or with whom are they texting all the time.

Main features for Android, Mac and Windows platforms

As we mentioned earlier tracking apps are compatible with various devices, so here are main features that making this software so popular.

App installed on Android device empowers you to:

  • Track phones’ exact location;
  • Read every inbox or sent text or MMS messages;
  • Review messages from Facebook, WhatsApp;
  • Track phone’s camera along with access to gallery’s pictures and videos;
  • Detect SIM card change;
  • Looking through browsing history;
  • Monitor up to 5 gadgets at the same time.

Available for Windows features include:

  • Log every visited website;
  • Keyboard logger;
  • Webcam shots access;
  • Stealth mode of operation;
  • Record of Skype conversations;

Installed on iOS devices tracking software has following features:

  • Keyboard logger;
  • Screenshots;
  • Completely undetectable operation;
  • Record chat and Facebook messages;
  • Keeps track of visited websites.

Social media messengers

Messengers and various chats are popular mean of communication. Every teenager has different chat apps installed on his phone. Parents choose installing tracking software rather asking awkward questions or annoying children with being overprotective. One of the most important as well as useful feature provided by surveillance app is ability to view messages received or sent by means of following social services:

  • Facebook messenger. Widely used communication app and available for parental monitoring with the help of surveillance app. Parents can control the flow of information while reading latest messages and reviewing list of friends;
  • Skype, this service provides few ways of communication: chats and calls. One can follow on every detail regarding every member, view exchanged files along with reading documents and other data shared;
  • Popular way of communication nowadays. Using tracking app you will review chats, exchanged photos or various documents, follow created groups;
  • Another popular communication app available for your monitoring is Line. Now user able reading chats or group chat, record audio and video communication, review shared files along with contact list;
  • WhatsApp – one of the most popular and widely used services for exchanging instant messages, photos along with making calls. Here you also can review all chats, listening audio-video conversations, monitor exchanged files, etc.;
  • Google services. Gmail also ready for your thorough examination. Time, date and content of every sent or received email are available for you at any time.

It’s a common situation when parents wish knowing more about their children’s lives or business owners want to keep track their employees’ actions. With the right surveillance software you will be aware of every suspicious event.

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